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Urban Graze Delivery Saves Local Footballer From Starvation During Icy Cold Weekend

Urban Graze Delivery Saves Local Footballer From Starvation During Icy Cold Weekend

“I got to work on Monday and everyone’s like, how was your weekend? Bloody great that’s how my weekend was”, says 26-year-old Albury man Joel Tuck. “They all look at me like I’m crazy, ‘but it was so cold’ they say, ‘what did you get up to?’ they ask me.

Nothing, that’s what I did. Didn’t leave the house”. Mr Tuck like many across the border this weekend was perturbed by the icy cold conditions outside over the entire weekend.

“I usually have busy as weekends, playing footy, then going out with the boys, then recovery on Sunday (from footy and the hangover), but not this weekend”, explains Mr Tuck. “A great thing happened last weekend at footy, I did a hammy. Was painful at the time, but mate four weeks off footy couldn’t have come at a better time, it’s way too cold to be running around in shorts at the moment. I have to admit it though, the time at home it wasn’t all fun and games”. Mr Tuck hit a major snag in his lazy weekend late Saturday when he realised that he was hungry. “I had no food in the house”, admits Mr Tuck. “You see my weekly ritual with footy is I make myself some spag bol on Friday night, which I did. But I never have leftovers, I don’t mind a big feed so I always polish off all the bolognese without a thought. So Saturday I usually sleep until 9, get up and go for a walk down the street, get an egg and bacon roll and a coffee. Then I go home have a shower and pack my stuff and head out to the ground”. This is a common tale amongst local football players, committing to their weekly routines and traditions in order to reach their physical and mental peak before game time.

But this weekend, Mr Tuck’s routine was forgotten about completely. With no food in the house, a hammy that's as good as ripped off the bone and arctic style temperature’s outside, Mr Tuck spent most of Saturday playing Fortnite in his skins and a hoodie by the heater. “I was getting hungry gradually as the day went on you know”, recalls Mr Tuck. “But I just pushed through, also it helped that I was smashing it on Fortnite. It got to around 6 pm and that's when the hunger really set in, you’ve got to remember I hadn’t eaten for like 23 hours and I love a feed. I once tried to do the 40-hour famine at school and only made it 40 minutes before I got a sausage roll from the canteen, that’s why the boys call me Tuck Shop. So, mate, I was starving, I was weak and in real trouble”.

Not knowing what to do out of his usual routine Mr Tuck searched his kitchen high and low, however, his frantic search came to an abrupt end as he became increasingly hungry and weak, the hungry footballer blacked out in his kitchen. “I don’t think I was out for long, luckily I was ok, actually it was the best thing that happened to me passing out like that”. The best thing that happened? Passing out? How so? You may ask. You see Mr Tuck had won a team award a month prior for his solid intercept work down back, the award was sponsored by Urban Graze, awarding the brave back-man a free burger and chips combo. When he fell over, he had knocked the certificate off his fridge. “I woke up in a daze”, recalls Mr Tuck. “It was like a dream, as my eyes came to I realised what I was seeing was real, my Urban Graze award, those 11 intercept marks just paid for themselves, they didn’t just save the game, but they may have saved my life”.

Mr Tuck immediately called the number on his certificate, “when they answered my call I felt immediate joy, it was euphoric, finally, someone to help me, I thought I may actually eat today”. says Mr Tuck. “I don’t even remember what I ordered, I just said ‘food I need food, I’ve got a certificate from footy’, the girl on the phone was great despite the state I was in, I think she just ordered me a True Blue Burger Combo based on that. But mate when she asked if I wanted it delivered I actually cried. My prayers were answered”.

Within 40 minutes Mr Tuck received his order, delivered right to his door. “By the time they got to the house I was fine again, I mean I was starving still but the excitement of what was to come got me up off the kitchen floor and back on the couch playing Fortnite, that time flew by though they were so quick”, says Mr Tuck. “I’ll never forget how Urban Graze helped me that night like I said before they could’ve saved my life, at that moment when I got my burger that’s how it felt anyway. Thank you Urban Graze, THANK YOU”.

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